Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Munchkins and the Return of the Simian Prophet Expasion Set

Munchkins.. munchkins, what can I say. Well, first off, here is a "relatively" short description of the game:

Munchkins is an RPG card game, created around the year 2000, by Steve Jackson and John Kovalic from Steve Jackson Games. The game basically revolves around a deck of cards, classified into 5 different card types: Race, Class, Monster, Item and Event. All players begin the game as a level 1 human, and battle foes slowly to reach level 10. The objective of the game is simply to reach level 10 and become the strongest player in the game. Of course, the game is tilted by factors like races and classes which give players additional abilities, items and events that can either benefit or put a player down.

Expansions and Spinoffs (From
  • Munchkin
    • Unnatural Axe, the first expansion, won the Origins Awards in 2003, for Best Card Game Expansion or Supplement of 2002. The Orc Race is introduced in this expansion.
    • Clerical Errors, the second Munchkin expansion, brought the total number of cards for Munchkin up to 392. This expansion introduces the Gnome Race and the Bard Class.
    • Clerical Errata, is a misprint of Clerical Errors, containing cards printed with the wrong card back (e.g. dungeon rather than treasure). By popular demand, a limited public release was made. Enough units were sold to make back the printing costs.
    • The Need for Steed, the fourth expansion to Munchkin was released in 2006. This included a new type of card, Steeds, such as a dragon, an eagle and a turtle. Furthermore, many new kinds of Hirelings were added. Rules for these new cards are also included in this expansion.
    • De-Ranged, adds the Ranger Class as well as some of the monsters from the European version of the game.
  • Star Munchkin was released in 2002. It is a standalone version of Munchkin, and is not intended to be mixed with other munchkin decks unless you are "crazy enough to try". It parodies science-fiction in general, with an emphasis on the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. It won the Origins Awards in 2003, for Best Traditional Card Game of 2002. Sidekicks are introduced in this game.
    • Clown Wars is an expansion for Star Munchkin. It introduces Rooms and the Bug Race and the Star Ranger Class.
  • Munchkin Fu, another standalone version, was released in 2003 and parodies Asian martial arts movies. It introduces a new concept, Styles, which represent different fighting styles you can use.
    • Monky Business, an expansion to Munchkin Fu, was released early in 2005.
  • Munchkin Bites is the fourth standalone version, released in 2004. It parodies horror role-playing games, such as the games set in the World of Darkness universe, and horror fiction and movies in general.
    • Pants Macabre is an expansion for Munchkin Bites, and was released in late 2005.
  • Super Munchkin is the fifth standalone version, released in the summer of 2005 and is a parody on super hero comics.
    • The Narrow S Cape is an expansion for Super Munchkin, released in the summer of 2006.
  • Munchkin Impossible, the sixth standalone version, was released in late 2006 and parodies secret agent stories such as those of Mission: Impossible and James Bond.
  • Munchkin Cthulhu, the seventh standalone version, released in March 2007, lampoons Lovecraft's Mythos and the horror gaming that surrounds it, summoning classic monsters from outside reality.
  • Munchkin Blender is a special set released in response to players combining the different versions of Munchkin. It is an expansion sized set of cards designed to enhance this type of game, in which a player could be an elven/mutant bounty hunter/ninja or a dwarven samurai who uses a lasermaserbobaserbananafanafofaser (that's four different guns). Also provided are rules for playing to the 20th level, also known as Epic Munchkin. The Blender pack of cards is not required in order to mix two or more different standalone versions together.
  • Munchkin Dice is a supplement which contains six oversized 10-sided dice. The dice are designed for use as level counters. Also included are 14 cards for the original Munchkin and rules for rolling a Munchkin die for random game benefits.
  • Epic Munchkin is a set of rules for playing up to level 20 for all the Munchkin games. Players that reach the higher levels [10-19] gain 'Epic Powers' for each race and class (these powers are lost if the player is reduced to level 9 or lower).
Homemade expasion pack: Return of the Simian Prophet
Here is the expansion I made during class for the week 3 assignment, enjoy :P

Concluding this article, I'd like to add that Munchkins is a great game, suitable for most(if not all) ages, though some of the jokes in the game tend to require some kind of maturity to understand. This game has the potential to eat up loads of your time if you aren't careful and finally, if you're considering playing the game yourself,

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