Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Favorite Game (Theory of Fun)

From my previous article about the theory of fun, I said that in my opinion, fun is something that brings a person enjoyment right? Well, today we’re going to be discussing about what brings ME the most enjoyment. No, not just about anything that gives me the most enjoyment, but rather, the Video Game that I enjoy the most and my answer to that is: The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, perhaps the greatest game of all time.

The Legend of Zelda as a series

Being a big LOZ fan, I’ve tried EVERY single LOZ game that ever existed (except The Twilight Princess and Wind Waker). I’ve generally enjoyed the whole series, from the 8-bit original Legend of Zelda, to the Gameboy Advance Minish Cap and finally the full-3d Ocarina of Time (which in my opinion is the best out of the entire series til date). I can honestly say that the LOZ series is perhaps one of the best game series out there; having an average rating of 8 – 9 on and other respected gaming communities.

Legend of Zelda – The Ocarina of Time in general

Generally, LOZ – OOT was released twice, first as just LOZ – OOT and then later featuring new monsters and re-designed dungeons as LOZ – OOT: Master Quest. The game features the LOZ franchise’s main character, Link, who becomes the hero of time in this game, with the objective of obtaining the tri-force and stopping the forces of the evil Ganondorf. With many foes and puzzle-filled dungeons hindering your progress, LOZ – OOT promises a spankin’ good time.

Game-Play in LOZ – OOT

LOZ – OOT, falls under the category of Action Adventure RPG, and is as the genre hints, a hybrid game of the three categories, other similar hybrid games include “Fable: The Lost Chapters/Fable” and “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”. However none of the other games got it quite as right as how LOZ – OOT got it. Featuring a hack and slash battle system with a smart locking on system and a first person mode when firing projectiles, the game set the standard of 3D Action combat. LOZ – OOT also incorporated a unique platform experience, fully utilizing the 3D Space provided in dungeons and maps. Apart from running on large flat planes, Link is also able to scale walls, climb ladders, and even fly, with the help of a friendly owl in the game. Large scale rendering was also made possible in this game, despite the hardware limitations on its console device, the Nintendo 64.

Story-Line in LOZ – OOT

One of the best things about this game and what really sets it apart from the other games at the time is the deep and rich plot that goes on. Unlike its counter parts like Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart. This game actually had a very impressive and progressive story. As you play the game, you start developing emotions for Link and what he goes through, and become (subconsciously) attached to him. Link starts off as a simple Forest Boy of the Kokiri people, he later discovers he is really not Kokiri at all, and is rather a mainlander, a.k.a. Hylian, he later travels and collects 3 guardian crystals to seal the promised land and restore order. However, things go out of hand, and Link has to enlist the help of 8 sages to bring peace back to Hyrule. As you play the game, you see Link progress from a simple country boy to the hero of time he was destined to be. You also find out the origins of other key characters in the game, as well as a shocking surprise towards the end.

What makes LOZ – OOT such a great game?

Well, I have to hand it to Nintendo for producing such a master piece, of my 13 years of gaming; I have NEVER seen a game that was better than this. Hell, I’ve beaten the game 5 times and I wouldn’t mind going for another round. The story and game-play just gels so well together, and with many secrets yet to be found, every time I play this game I get a totally different experience.

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